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Here at Showpiece Flooring, we have a huge range of Domestic and Commercial products available for every flooring needs.

Safety Flooring and Commercial Vinyl

These types of floors help prevent trips, slips and injuries. We have a wide range of colours, textures and designs; all of which can be heat-welded and coved. This creates a water-tight floor finish which you can rely on.

  • Suitable for domestic use as well as high usage commercial areas such as kitchens, showers and toilet areas

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Main suppliers: Amtico, Polyflor


Carpets provide an excellent floor covering. Ensuring a brilliantly luxurious walking surface whilst still being a very practical floor surface; we have a selection of types of flooring to fit every need, for both commercial and domestic spaces.


Domestic carpets ensure that your home flooring looks and feels fantastic; great for any room within your house, both big and small.        

  • Ideal for almost any room in the home
  • Provides brilliant sound insulation
  • Soft and comfortable walking surface


Commercial carpets offer an amazing wear-rate, ensuring that your carpet stays looking great for a long time. Commercial carpets are;

  • Long lasting. A one time investment will ensure your flooring lasts a long time whilst looking amazing
  • Typically modular, this ensures ease of replacing
  • Highly-cost effective
  • Huge variety of colours and textures available

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Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a practical, hardwearing, cost-effective alternative to the more traditional, hard to replace carpet. Here at Showpiece Flooring we have a huge range of Carpet Tiles for both domestic and commercial purposes. The can be fitted in formal, random or chequered designs to give that extra special look.

  • Can be rearranged simply to create new designs - giving a great spectrum for décor
  • Worn or damaged areas are easy to replace by removing and replacing individual tiles
  • High degree of acoustic and heat insulation

Laminate Flooring

We both supply and fit high quality laminate flooring available in both plank and tiles, these are available in various sizes and natural shades. Laminate flooring is comparable in many aesthetic and acoustic qualities as hardwood flooring however, it is far more cost effective.

  • Warm underfoot
  • Very easy to clean, doesn’t trap dirt and is stain resistant
  • Great level of durability - especially for families with children and pets
  • Moisture resistant - can easily cope with high humidity areas, such as bathrooms
  • Huge range of styles available - great flexibility for the décor of the room

Main manufacturers: Quickstep,  Pergo, Heartwoodflooring, Junckers

Solid and Engineered Wood Flooring

This product brings an amazing look, warmth and character to any living space. Available in many and finishes, this type of flooring looks amazing in any room in your home, providing a durable, easy to clean and brilliant acoustic aesthetic flooring.

  • Natural warmth and beauty
  • Gives rooms an ‘expensive’ and high quality feel
  • Longer lifespan than other types of flooring if maintained
  • Adaptive to décor - wooden flooring never goes out of style
  • Engineered Wood Flooring is suitable for underfloor heating

Main manufactures: Jive, Balterio

Entrance/Barrier Matting

First impressions count. We provide and fit a massive range of Entrance Matting solutions. These can be fitted anywhere from large reception areas in stores to offices, airports and many other areas.

  • Gives your business a professional look
  • Helps keep existing floors clean by removing dirt and dampness from footwear

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Latex Screeding

Latex Screeding is floor preparation that ensures that your floor is both insulated and level that also gives a far superior walking quality to the surface. This is ideal for any floor based on concrete. The flat finish is produced by a self leveling compound.

  • Subcontracting at competitive rates available

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Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is ideal for any area with high foot traffic, from airports to department stores. Its high abrasion resistance ensures it the flooring is a one of investment in your property. In addition to this, it has many other qualities which make it ideal for your flooring solution. These include;

  • Anti-fatigue surface - has a great cushioning affect that dissipates impact reducing strain on joints and muscles
  • Strong insulator of heat and sound
  • Hygienic and safe - rubber's smooth surface means that it doesn’t collect dirt and is very easy to keep clean
  • Good dimensional stability - no noticeable shrinkage or expansion in fluctuating temperatures
  • Completely waterproof - idea for wet areas such as bathrooms or outside

Why choose Showpiece Flooring for your business?

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